ardiestruckOver thirty rodeos! Thousands of dollars to be won! Hundreds of miles to drive! This can only mean one thing – it's Cowboy Christmas time! Cowboys and cowgirls will be traveling from Canada to Arizona to Oregon to Wyoming looking to win as much money as possible. We asked our COUSA Cowboys how they survive traveling this many miles in one week. Here are our top 10 travel tips for surviving Cowboy Christmas. 10) Get off on the right foot. Always have a positive attitude. (Steve Woolsey) 9) Pack well. Pack lots of socks. (Ardie Maier) 8) Avoid fast food. Never pass up a home cooked meal. (Tyler Willis) 7) Be prepared for the unexpected. Always have a flashlight, small toolbox, and water. (Clint Craig) 6) Enjoy the ride. Listen to some good music. (Corey Maier) 5) Keep your energy up. Eat well and get some good rest to keep yourself going. (Jacob O'Mara) 4) Keep your phone charged. Talk/text/fb/tweet when you get bored. (Corey Maier) 3) Be ready for the long haul. Have an amp and sunflower seeds - crucial for long drives. (Seth Glause) 2) Prepare to go without. Be prepared to wear no underwear. (Ardie Maier) 1) Know your travel partner! Never drink out of water bottles when traveling with Jesse Bail. (Cody Buller)