If there is one rodeo that can kick start your season, the San Antonio Stock Show is it.  With 1.4 million dollars in prize money and a $5,000 fuel card, this can make getting to the National Finals Rodeo just a little easier.  Just ask Kaycee Feild and Chandler Bownds, who have jumped up to the number one and two spot in the bareback and bull riding. Kaycee Feild placed first and second in the first three rounds.  He picked up a couple more checks by tying for second and third in the semi-finals.  Field went on to score 85 points on Calgary Stampede’s Saturn Rocket in the final round which gave him the round win.  Field jumped up to the number one spot in the world and took home over $23,000.  “To come into this rodeo this year and be able to win was more important to me than in other years,” he said. “This was so crucial for me.” Feild will have surgery in March for a torn labrum in his hip.  He hopes to be back within 10 weeks. Best wishes Kaycee! Chandler Bownds battled to the very end to win the number one spot in San Antonio.  Bownds took the semifinals by storm.  He won both the first and second round scoring an 88 in each round.  In the final round, it came down to a show down between Bownds and Sage Kimzey.  While Kimzey did win the final round with a 90 point ride, beating Bownds by just two points, it was Chandler Bownds who took home the average win with a $124 victory win over Kimzey.  He is looking good to make his third National Finals appearance in December. References Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) (2015). Retrieved from http://www.prorodeo.com/