Cowboy Outfitters USA (COUSA) will once again be representing at the Championship Bull Riding (CBR) World Finals. With eight members in attendance and one of our first COUSA rodeo camp attendees, you can bet there is going to be some tough competition.  Clint Craig, CBR commentator and COUSA member, will be onsite as the show down begins. Each night consists of five rounds of bull riding which start July 20th and wrap up on July 21st in Cheyenne, WY.  Prize money includes a $100,000 check, a Hyo Silver trophy buckle, custom Fenoglio Boots, an eMax22 Gear tractor from Mahindra and a custom trophy saddle by Juan Jose Muñoz Andrade.
Photo Courtesy of Todd Brewer and the CBR

Photo Courtesy of Todd Brewer and the CBR

#1 Cody Teel

He’s won Rio Rancho, NM.  He’s won Lufkin, TX.  He’s won the prestigious George Paul Memorial in Del Rio, TX.  Cody Teel is coming into the CBR World Finals as the number one man.  We recently caught up with Teel and asked how the CBR has influenced his career. “The CBR has helped me by giving me the opportunity to get on great bulls and a chance to enhance my yearly income since the events have such great payouts. It’s a great atmosphere all around as far as the competition side goes.  There are so many great bull riders going to the CBR events, it motivates me to show up and do my job consistently.” Cody Teel is a top athlete inside and outside the arena.  Doing his job consistently will win him that world title.

Wyatt Rogers#7 Wyatt Rogers

We first got to know Wyatt Rogers in 2014 at our first Cowboy Outfitters USA Rodeo Camp in San Antonio, TX.  He’s been making a name for himself ever since.  After a special invite to the CBR in Mercedes, TX by Tuff Hedeman, Rogers won the “Bulls on the Border” with a 92.  Rogers plan for Cheyenne - just ride every bull he gets on.  We asked Wyatt about being the youngest competitor here, he stated “I feel like it’s a blessing to be there and I’m just there to have fun and enjoy the experience!”  We look forward to following his career for quite some time. Read Wyatt's story here.

Chandler Bownds#11 Chandler Bownds

Chandler Bownds is no stranger to Cheyenne, WY.  He will be back for his sixth CBR World Finals. Bownds kicked off the PRCA season by winning the bull riding in San Antonio, TX and is currently 6th in the world.  He’s been consistent all year and recently posted a 90 point ride during the Wildcard Round at the Calgary Stampede.  He may be coming in 11th in the CBR standings but you can bet he’ll be bringing some fire and momentum to move up. Read more on Bownds from the CBR.

Elliot Jacoby#12 Elliot Jacoby

Elliot Jacoby hasn’t been to the CBR World finals since 2010, but that doesn’t mean he has been sitting on the sidelines.  After riding in multiple circuits, Jacoby qualified for the Wrangler National Finals in 2013 and 2014. He’s won over 16,000 this year in the CBR and is entering the finals in the #12 position. After, five years it’s going to be good to see this cowboy back in action at the CBR Finals. Read more on Elliot from the CBR.

Aaron Pass#13 Aaron Pass

The boy from ‘Da Hood has been to the CBR World Finals five times and is once again returning this year. Aaron Pass did not grow up in the country or on a ranch but in the suburbs of Dallas, TX.   He may be a city boy but this man represents the true meaning of cowboy –hardworking, passionate, a family man, honest and full of integrity and did we mention he can ride bulls with the best of them. Pass enters the finals in the #13 spot, but my guess is he won’t be in the same spot leaving. To learn more about Aaron Pass, check out Passing it Forward.

Corey Maier#15 Corey Maier

If you had the chance to attend the CBR World Finals last year, you will remember Corey Maier.  Corey Maier rode five for five, with three of those rides over 90 points.  He went into the finals ranked number 10 and jumped up to number 6.  Maier has turned it up in July by winning Belle Fourche, SD and Isanti, MN. Will the Dark Horse rise again?  We hope so! Read more on Corey Maier.

#18 Ardie Maier

Ardie MaierIf you have ever had the chance to meet Ardie Maier, you know he is a cowboy that represents the “Cowboy Try”.  He’s dedicated, he’s focused, and he always gives 100%.  Ardie Maier will be making his tenth appearance at the CBR World finals and you know he will be prepared to give it all he’s got. Check out the great article on Ardie, The House that Built Me.  

#24 Jacob O'Mara

Cajun Cowboy

When he's not in the arena, you can most likely catch Jacob O'Mara in his boat fishing.  This Cajun Cowboy loves to hunt and fish and does it just as well as he rides bulls.  O'Mara will be making his first appearance at the CBR Finals and you can be sure this Cajun Cowboy will be riding hot! Check out more on the Cajun Cowboy from the CBR.

Trey Benton, III

#26 Trey Benton

While he may be getting a late start to this year’s rodeo season, Trey Benton is no stranger to the Championship Bull Riding.  Last year he won over 75,000 and finished second in the world standings. Benton has been on fire since his return, having just won Molalla, OR and Oakley City, UT.  You can bet Benton will be making the most of his return to the CBR Finals.  Read more on Benton at Eight Months vs Eight Seconds.