Rick McCumber and Cody Teel

Rick McCumber giving Cody Teel a "lesson" on bull riding.

Recently at the San Antonio Stock Show, we had a chance to catch up with Rick McCumber. Rick McCumber is a retired bull rider but more importantly a very talented silversmith and sculptor. Rick was raised in the southern part of Texas ranching community of George West. George West was named the "The Storytelling Capitol of Texas." Annually George West hosts Storyfest, a festival dedicated to storytelling. Rick draws his inspiration from his childhood, having had the opportunity to grow up surrounded by the families, culture and lifestyle of those credited for originating the legendary longhorn cattle drives of the 1880's. Rick is committed to representing the ranching traditions of the south Texas cowboy. To view Rick McCumber’s collection, go to http://www.rickmccumber.com or like him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RickMcCumber.cowboysilversmith.artist.       References Texas Coastal Bend Regional Tourism Council (2012). George West Texas. Retrieved from http://www.txcoastalbend.org/index.php/george-west-tx.html Rick McCumber (2012). The Bronzes of Rick McCumber. Retrieved from http://cowboyartisans.com/newbronzepage/thebronzesofrick.html