Steve Woolsey, "Palm Meadow Ninja", Ross Hill, and Clint Craig.

Steve Woolsey, "Palm Meadow Ninja", Ross Hill, Clint Craig, and Snorts.

After the Okeechobee, FL Xtreme Bulls, Steve Woolsey and Clint Craig had the opportunity to go hog hunting. The crew hunted the wild hog, which Clint nicknamed Snorts, with “Palm Meadow Ninja” and bull fighter Ross Hill. As soon as the hunt wrapped up Steve and Clint flew off to the next rodeo still in their hunting clothes and smelling of hog. It may not be Duck Dynasty but we are sure it was something to see. They wanted to say thank you to Tombo Riley for the adventure! Clint Craig won the Brighton Field Day Festival & Rodeo in Okeechobee, FL with 88 points on Robinson Pro Rodeo’s I’m Back. Steve Woolsey also drew Robinson Pro Rodeo’s I’m Back and scored 88.5 points during the Okeechobee, FL Xtreme Bulls. Woolsey went on to win the Xtreme Bulls with 178.5 on two.