Texas Rodeos - Cowboy Outfitters USA will be a part of the 2012 Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin Rodeos. Visit the Mattress Firm Exhibit, meet the Cowboys, and receive a free Cowboy Outfitters USA poster. Rodeo Day - Brooks Army Medical Center - Cowboy Outfitters USA will host a very special day on February 24, 2012. The Cowboys will host the Rodeo Day at Brooks Army Medical Center. The day will feature great Texas barbecue, a live country and western band, and some great giveaways. The Cowboys are very appreciative of the bravery and the sacrifice of the U.S. Armed Services, and they wish to honor these soldiers on that day. If you are interested in having the Cowboy Outfitters USA members attend your event, please contact David Todd or Peter Velasco.