The Cowboy Outfitters USA members had a great week at the Daddy of 'em All in Cheyenne, WY. Kaycee Feild split the first round with 88 points and split 2nd in the final round of the bareback. He went on to split 2/3 in the average with a total of 255 points. Seth Glause and Jesse Bail split 2/3 during the first round of the saddle bronc with 85 points. Bail went on to finish 8th in the average. Ardie Maier split 2/3/4 with his brother Corey Maier in the first round of bull riding with 88 points while Glause tied for 7th. Ardie tied for 1st in the final round with 91 points on Frontier Rodeo’s Donaldo. He placed 2nd in the average with a total on 262 on three head.