Cowboy Outfitters USA Rodeo Camp

Cowboy Outfitters USA Rodeo Camp is a “First Of” Rodeo Camp like the Rodeo Industry has NEVER SEEN and much more than a Rodeo Clinic. Hosted by Cowboy Outfitters USA, the Rodeo Camp will bring together 60 of the “Best-Of-The Best” Rough Stock High School Rodeo Cowboys from across the US. In addition to Technical Instruction in their core events, the Rodeo Camp will also focus on other aspects of becoming a “Professional Rodeo Cowboy” as the Camp Cowboys will hear from Past World Champions, Senior Rodeo Officials from Major Rodeos, College Rodeo Coaches, Executives from Major Rodeo Industry Sponsors and Personal Trainers/Nutritionists on subjects such as:
  • Training and Exercise
  • Personal Nutrition
  • Equipment
  • Pre-Ride Routines
  • How to Schedule Rodeos to Maximize your opportunities
  • Working with Rodeos
  • Promoting and Marketing yourself to Sponsors
  • Working with the Media
  • Using Social Media to increase your Fan Base
  • Cowboy Integrity and Conduct
  • Developing that Cowboy “Try”
  • Life After Rodeo
Cowboy Outfitters USA believes that if we can help introduce a better prepared, and better informed, Amateur Cowboy to the Pro Rodeo Circuit...then not only will our Camp Cowboys benefit, and those that Love Rodeo and the “Cowboy Way”, but the Rodeo Industry as well.

Events Include

Bareback, Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding Instruction with a Saturday Night Rodeo featuring the Cowboy Outfitters USA Rodeo Camp “Best-Of-The-Best” from around the US competing for a Very Special Buckle.


Members of Cowboy Outfitters USA and other Professional Rodeo Cowboys, as well as Guest Speakers and Instructors.

Peter S. Velasco

(210) 393-6565 or or David Todd (512) 217-1587 or (830) 562-3354 or