COUSA Annual Warrior BBQ

Cowboy Outfitters USA

Fred Boettcher, Clint Craig, Ardie Maier, Wes Silcox, Corey Maier, Cody Teel, Tyler Willis, and Seth Glause.

On February 22, 2013, the Cowboy Outfitters USA (COUSA) held their 2nd Annual Cowboy Outfitters USA BBQ for the Warrior & Family Support Center (W&FSC) in San Antonio, TX. It was a beautiful day and the turnout was overwhelming. Soldiers and their families were seated throughout the W&FSC and enjoyed a delicious BBQ meal and music by the Jonathan Moody Band. Our COUSA cowboys, went from table to table to visit with soldiers and their families to thank them for their service and sacrifices. There was also a special appearance by rodeo clown, Leon Coffee. The soldiers and their families enjoyed BBQ and were thankful for the time given to them. The Cowboys were appreciative of the opportunity to say thank you! To view the video posted by The Rodeo Hand, click here. Cowboys & Soldiers

A special thank you to our sponsors who helped make this event a success.

J-Bar-B Foods (Brisket) Kiolbassa Foods (Sausage) The Barn Door (Peach Cobbler) Valero (Beverages) Matera Paper (Plates, Cups, Utensils and Napkins) Black Tie Affairs (Beans) Wack'em Stack'em (BBQ Grill, Potato Salad & Slaw) Flowers Foods (Bread) C.C. Forbes Energy (Music) The Jonathan Moody Band
Chandler Bownds

Chandler Bownds

COUSA Members

Cody Teel Wes Silcox Ardie Maier Corey Maier Tyler Willis Seth Glause Kaycee Field Chandler Bownds Clint Craig Fred Boetcher        

Ardie Maier, Wes Silcox, Clint Craig, Corey Maier, Seth Glause, Cody Teel, and Tyler Willis.