Image: Ardie Maier: Professional Bull Rider Fan Page

Ardie Maier

This past weekend, Ardie Maier had a chance to show his talents at the other end of the arena. Ardie stepped in to head to for Clayton Foltyn during the team roping in Jasper, TX. Ardie is no stranger to team roping. Ardie said, “I grew up roping about 5 days a week when we lived on my grandparent’s ranch.” His dad broke horses there for over 15 years. Ardie and Clayton ended up with a 12.1 which was just out of the money. However, Ardie finished 2nd in the bull riding with an 82 which earned him the all-around title. As the rodeo season kicks into high gear, maybe we will see a little more of Ardie’s all-around skills.