5th Annual Cowboys & Cajuns Redfish Rodeo

Kim Vanek and Team Mattress Firm


FIRST PLACE TEAM TEAM WEIGHT David Crawford (CAPTAIN) 6 39 lbs .49 oz Chad Decker (ANGLER) Michael Biggerstaff (ANGLER) Timmy Josie (COWBOY) Justin Breaux & Ross Ichorn (GUIDES) SECOND PLACE TEAM TEAM WEIGHT Sammy Butera (CAPTAIN) 9 38 lbs .83 oz Sam Smith (ANGLER) Ron Foster (ANGLER) Clint Craig (COWBOY) Lonnie Barr & Mike Lambert (GUIDES) BIG "BULL" RED WEIGHT Ed Wasser (ANGLER) 25 lbs .77 oz BIG "SLOT" RED - DAY 1 WEIGHT David Spencer (ANGLER) 7 lbs .80 oz BIG "SLOT" RED - DAY 2 WEIGHT Peter S. Velasco (ANGLER) 7 lbs .95 oz BIG DRUM WEIGHT Shaun Kulcak (ANGLER) 30 lbs .10 oz BIG TROUT WEIGHT Darren Peterson (ANGLER) 2 lbs .28 oz BIG FLOUNDER WEIGHT Lawson & Troy Jessee (ANGLER) 2 lbs .00 oz MOST SPOTS on 1 LEGAL REDFISH # of SPOTS Scott Authenreith (ANGLER) 13